You are invited to join in this old custom of beating the bounds of our parish.
This will provide the opportunity of exploring our local habitation, the place where we live and having a sense of place.
Our parish of Bramham with Oglethorpe is rich in history, varied in landscape and a pleasant place to live.
Beating the bounds enables us to explore our rich heritage in companionship with our neighbours and to learn more about our parish.
We hope you will join us for part or all of our walk this year on Saturday 13th April 2019. The walk begins and ends at Bramham School and details of the 6 stages are listed in this website.

This year there will be informed commentaries on the important historical and social features.
We hope you will take your cameras and capture some of the charm and beauty of the place.

Come and join us in the walk and discover where Oglethorpe Hall is, learn more about Bramham Moor, enjoy the delights of Bramham Park, find out where the ancient village of Wothersome is and hear about Dalton Parlours.
Beating the bounds will provide the opportunity to meet our fellow villagers, to learn more about the place we live in and promises to be fun.
It is not to be missed!

Stanley Menzies

Description of the Walk and Map of the Route

Download PDF file of the Walk and Map