Saturday – April 13th 2019

Bramham is delighted to be beating the bounds of its parish shortly and all villagers, their friends and families are invited to join us on this lovely walk. Beating the bounds is an ancient custom where a group of old and young members of the community walk the boundaries of the parish.

Please note – this year we start from Bramham School and the Lunch Stop is at Bramham Park House  !

The following describes the stages of the walk and should be read in conjunction with the attached map showing the route around the local area. It is intended that participants start off as a single group and try to maintain the group over the 6 stages. This is to simplify the logistics involved in marshalling the walkers and providing the transport to and from the stage start/end points. It is also felt that walkers being involved with a single group will benefit from the camaraderie engendered when walking together. So you may walk all 6 stages or simply select one or more as suits your abilities and join the stage you want at the appropriate start time shown below. A description of each stage is given below. These are intended to give an idea of the environment and walking conditions for each stage, they are not a detailed description of the routes which may vary with weather conditions on the day.

Stage One: Bramham School to Newton Kyme – 8.30 am start (prompt) – 2.8 miles

Starting at Bramham School where we cross the road and walk through the woods following Carr Beck until we reach Windmill Road which we follow until turning right along the edge of the fields. We then take a left over styles to reach Bar Lane when we turn left on the road for a short distance then following a footpath on the right which takes us along the side of Carr Beck again until we reach the A659 Boston Spa road. We take the footpath towards Boston Spa for a short distance then cross the road and follow a track down to the River Wharfe. We walk along the side of the river until reaching the old Wharfe Bridge where we turn right and follow a footpath which takes us into Newton Kyme and the car park in front of the new housing estate. This stage is picturesque, some walking on paths and involves climbing over 6 stiles.

Stage Two: Newton Kyme to Toulston Lane – 10.00 am start – 1.66 miles – transport leaves village square 9.45 am – ( park at the old paper mill )

We recommence the walk from Newton Kyme heading back along the footpath towards Clifford, crossing the A659 onto Bar Lane again when we then take a footpath on the left which heads south in a direct line to meet Toulston Lane. There is 1 stile to climb and the views on the walk are looking towards Bramham and Clifford over open countryside. The walking should be easy with a slight incline to tackle towards the end.

Stage Three: Toulston Lane to Spen Lane End – 10.45 am start – 1.74 miles – transport leaves village square 10.30 am – ( park on Warren Lane )

Probably the easiest stage, involving walking along the surfaced roads of Warren Lane and Spen Common Lane passing Headley Cottages and Headley Hall.

Stage Four: Spen Common Lane End to Bramham Park House – 11.30 am start – 3.5 miles – transport leaves village square 11.15 am – ( park at Spen Common Lane end )

We now have the opportunity, thanks to the kindness of Nick Lane Fox, to enjoy some of the scenery of Bramham Park not normally seen by walkers following the prescribed routes through Bramham Park. We take the ‘flyover’ from Spen Lane into the park and head into Black Fen woods. From there we follow the walks through the formal gardens until we reach Bramham Park House . Here we are invited to have lunch on the lawn and avail ourselves of refreshments in the old kitchen. The estate toilets will be available. The longest stage at 3.5 miles, but no climbing of stiles and good walking conditions. Please note the Bowcliffe Hall and Terry Lug gates will be open during the walk for access by cars doing the pick up and drop off of walkers. Park in the car park near to the Estate Offices.

Stage Five: Bramham Park House to Junction of Dalton Lane and Compton Lane – 1.30 pm start – 3 miles – transport leaves village square 1.15 pm ( park at Bramham Park House )

Now on the return leg we leave Bramham Park House , heading North over rolling fields , crossing Bramham Beck until we reach the permissive footpath that follows Thorner Road. Here the walk turns westward heading for the end of Dalton Lane. Participants not wishing to complete the full walk can turn east here and follow the footpath back to Bramham. Crossing over we then find the Roman Road of Dalton Lane which takes us on easy walking to the junction with Compton lane. Maybe 2 stiles to climb but otherwise good walking in interesting woodland. Dalton Lane could be muddy !

Stage Six: Compton Lane to The School –2.30 pm start – 2 miles – transport leaves village square 2.15 pm ( Dalton Lane is a farm access track so be careful where you park – walkers doing the last stage only could be dropped off at Wattlesyke )

Turning right off Dalton Lane we see a good downhill path heading to the A1 and the new link road which we cross and then follow the new cycle track towards Bramham taking a left turn to head towards the school, and then to The Village Hall and our walks end. Very easy walking.


Will be available to take participants to the stage starting and ending points. The vehicles will depart from the VILLAGE SQUARE at the times shown overleaf. To return to the village square after your walk simply take the transport waiting at the stage end. You can of course make your own arrangements to be dropped off and picked up at the stage start/end points which are all on routes out of Bramham. Please note that stage times are estimates and may vary on the day.
Clothing: Please ensure that you are correctly dressed, have good strong footwear and that you have food and drink with you to last the duration of the walk.
Contacts: For further information contact Rev’d Stanley Menzies – 01937 541047 or Neil Ferres – 0789 720 7397
We hope that many villagers, their families and friends will join in the walk and support All Saints’ Church Bramham

A Map of the Route: Ordnance Survey Ltd © copyright 2011