Bramham Neighbourhood Plan Steering Committee
Drop in – Friday 5 July 4pm to 8pm & Saturday 13th July 2.30 pm to 4pm
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Leeds City Council (LCC) has published a consultation paper on proposed development sites for housing development, retail, employment and green space. This includes a potential site of 3,000 houses at Spen Common Lane which would create a significant new settlement within the Green Belt.
The Neighbourhood Plan Steering Committee is encouraging residents to give their views on this and other proposals to LCC and to us. The consultation period closes at the end of July.
We will be issuing more detailed information in a door drop, with a response form for your views, and you can also call in at the above events to find out more.
More information is available on the Parish Council website (, under news item ‘Have Your Say’.
You can access the LCC consultation paper, and give your views, on
Keith Innocent
Chairman Neighbourhood Plan Steering Committee

Briefing For Bramham Residents On The Leeds City Council Housing Allocation Consultation

Drop in sessions to find out more: Friday 5 July 4pm to 8pm, and Saturday 13th July 2.30 pm to 4pm – Village Hall supper room.
This is your chance to make comments and help influence the future development of Bramham
Neighbourhood Plans

Instead of us being told what to do, the Government thinks that local communities should have opportunities to influence the future of the places where they live. The Localism Act has introduced a new right for communities to draw up a neighbourhood plan. Neighbourhood planning will allow us to say where we think new houses, businesses and shops should go – and what they should look like. Provided our neighbourhood development plan is in line with national planning policy, with the strategic vision for the wider area set by the Leeds City Council, and with other legal requirements, we will be able to vote on it in a referendum. If the plan is approved by a majority of those who vote, then the local authority will bring it into force.

In Bramham we kicked off our Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group at the December 2011 Parish Council meeting, and asked interested residents to join us. The Steering Group is now a mix of Councillors and residents, and is responsible for this communication.

Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment

As part of setting the strategic vision for the wider area (Outer North East Leeds), Leeds City Council drew up a Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA), which identified areas where new development might take place. Leeds City Council has looked at all of these sites and colour coded them according to their suitability.

  • Green: Sites which have the greatest potential to be allocated for housing.

  • Amber: Sites which have potential, but there may be issues which need to be resolved, or the site may not be in such a favoured location as those highlighted in green.

  • Red: Sites which are not considered suitable for allocation for housing.

In our parish these sites identified include:

1. Sites assessed as Green

Site number 778: Bowcliffe Road, Bramham House – potentially around 30 dwellings.

Site number 783: Bowcliffe Road, Old Wood Yard – potentially around 18 dwellings.

Site number 786: Aberford Road, Bramham Lodge – potentially around 15 dwellings.

2. Sites assessed as Red

Site number 1155: Land to the West of Bramham Road and north of Lyndon Road, Bramham – potentially around 269 dwellings.

3. Site number 3391 Headley Hall

In addition to the sites listed above, Leeds City Council has also identified site number 3391: Headley Hall, Spen Common Lane, near Bramham – potentially around 3,000 dwellings.

It has not been given a Red, Green or Amber colour coding, rather it has been given a specific category of its own.

This land is owned by the University and understood to be surplus to its requirements. This site is in the Green Belt and any proposal for its development would raise a number of major issues. Leeds City Council recognises that with a potential capacity of around 3,000 dwellings additional information is needed to assess the site’s sustainability and capacity and has identified a need for detailed feasibility work.

Its consultation paper however, does point out that such a large scale development would go a long way to meeting overall housing targets for the whole of Outer North East Leeds and would therefore mean that sites identified for potential development in other parts of Outer North East Leeds, as well as in Bramham itself, might not be needed. This could mean that some areas might be happy to see it go ahead as it relieves pressure on them to have further housing development. On the other hand, some areas do want housing development of their own.

Before forming a view as to the suitability of this option, the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group intends to approach the University and Leeds City Council to seek more information, including the scope for the provision of local facilities to support the scheme, and explore the possibility of being able to influence the nature of any development which may eventually be proposed.

We also need to know the views of local residents, and wish to encourage residents to make their views known to Leeds City Council via their consultation process.


Leeds City Council has now published information for these site proposals and is asking for comments.

To read these documents online visit and click ‘Briefing For Bramham Residents on the Leeds City Council Housing Allocation Consultation’ where you can also respond to Leeds City Council and Bramham Neighbourhood Plan Steering group who will also be responding to the consultation.

The consultation is open from 3rd June until 29th July – please do take part.

Consultation Questions

The consultation asks you to answer a number of questions. You are unlikely to wish to respond to them all, however, you may be more interested in the following specific question numbers:

H1-3 Comments on the current Green allocations.

H4-6 comments on the current Amber allocations (including 4a for Headley Hall).

H7-9 Comments on the current Red allocations.

H10 Submit other sites you think would be suitable.

H11 Comment on the timescale of development.

H12 & 13 Should we have Gypsy or traveller sites?

H14 & 15 Should we have housing for the elderly?

E Comments on possible employment or office development.

G Comments on greenspace provision.

Take Part

We encourage you to take part in the Leeds City Council consultation process and it is also important to let the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group know your views (we cannot get them from Leeds City Council) so that we can properly represent them. You can do this via the website or by filling in the tear off at the end of this document and handing it in at the village shop. Or you can of course do both.

Drop in sessions to find out more: Friday 5 July 4pm to 8pm, and Saturday 13th July 2.30 pm to 4pm – Village Hall supper room.
This is a chance for you to influence what your village looks like: please use your rights.
Bramham Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group – Consultation on Leeds City Council Strategic Housing Land Allocation assessment.
Hand in to the Village Shop by end July.




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