As part of Leeds City Council’s Local Plan site allocations proposals, the
development of an area of land at Headley Lane, similar in size to Wetherby,
1/2 mile from Bramham, for up to 5,000 houses is under consideration

We oppose this development because it would  :-

Involve the loss of a large area of green belt and high quality agricultural land, with significant historic and natural features.

Be totally contrary to  Leeds City Council’s adopted Core Strategy and a contradiction of  the strategy for prioritising developing of brown-field sites.

Cause significant damage to an important area of countryside, with associated loss of habitat and damage to wildlife.

In addition:-
This land contains a number of listed historic buildings and is a historic battlefield site.
Development would threaten features of archaeological value and interest.

This development would take years to implement, and in the meantime the infrastructure of roads, schools, shops, doctors surgeries would not be in place. This would mean great pressure on roads and  services in the surrounding area and villages for years to come.

The land has high voltage National Grid transmission lines crossing it, which would raise serious concerns about the health and safety of potential occupants.

Your local MP and Ward Councillors have promoted the Headley development as a means of reducing the likelihood of development in other villages. We dispute this, on the basis that the intended allocation at Headley would not reduce pressures for development of other sites in the short term, as developers would still pursue appeals to The Secretary of State.

Development at Headley would fail to meet the need for affordable housing within existing communities in the Outer North East Leeds area , including Bramham.

In 1999, a Planning Inspector determined that Headley would be a totally unsuitable location for a new town. That conclusion is equally valid today and we invite your support for our opposition to the proposed development. 


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