Bramham Parish Council – Neighbourhood Plan Steering Committee

Minutes of Meeting – Monday 1st October 2012


Cllr Keith Innocent (Chair), Cllr Val Whitbread (Secretary), Cllr Martin Batt,
Neil Ferres,  John Whitbread, Dean Burdall.


Nick Lane Fox.

2. Minutes of last meeting

Minutes of 13 September were accepted.

3. Matters Arising

The Committee was pleased to have received over 60 responses to the communication on SHLAA sites. The secretary issued an analysis of the responses. A few more responses were handed in at the meeting.
More than half were against the Clifford Rd/Lyndon Rd site (1155) on the basis of it being too big/traffic problems / joining up with Clifford / changing the feel of the village. A small development on the site was suggested by a number of residents.

Residents also expressed a preference for affordable housing.

Keith had also met with Clifford NP committee, as a neighbouring parish. They are proposing development of 30 houses. They are against there being 269 houses on site 1155. They wish to keep the villages separate, not filling up the land in between.

It was agreed to feed back to LCC as follows:
Accept the Woodyard, Bramham House and Headley Hall sites for development (57 units in all).
Reject the Lyndon Rd/Clifford Rd site (269 units).
Propose the garage as a site (10 houses).

4. Next Steps 

Continue liaison with LCC.

5. Next Meeting: tba