Bramham Parish Council – Neighbourhood Plan Steering Committee

Minutes of Meeting – Thursday 1 October 2015

Present: John Lynch (Chair), Neil Ferres, John Whitbread, Paul Marshall, John Tritschler.

1. Apologies: Dean Burdall. Stuart Moore, Linda Richardson, Val Whitbread.

2. The notes from the previous meeting were agreed to be accurate.

Matters arising:

Item 4 – The Facebook page has been set up. Neil and Val have administrative rights. In order to view the page members need to sign up to Facebook.

AP – John L to invite John Hall to our next meeting (29 October)to discuss NP progress.

Item 5 –  Leeds City Council’s response to the Parish Council’s inquiry concerning the
Almshouse Hill site had not progressed matters.

AP – John L to ask Bramham PC to contact LCC again asking for a completion notice to be served.

3. Mill Pond Area
The group consented to the request of the Clifford Neighbourhood Planning Group and agreed to ask BPC to do the same in order to protect the part of the area that is in Bramham Parish.

4. Solar Farm Application
The City Council have requested more information from Carter Jonas. Then there will be a further round of consultation. The group will continue to monitor the situation.

5. Neighbourhood Plan
Dean’s questionnaire is to be kept on the agenda and is to be reviewed when we have received further guidance from John Hall at the next meeting.

6. LCC Site Allocation Proposals
These were as expected and include Headley. This could be due to the short notice of its withdrawal before the publication.

An exhibition on the proposals will be in Wetherby on the 19 October.

The deadline for responding to the proposals is the 15 November.

7. Headley Fields
It was agreed that the need to raise the media profile of issues surrounding this site has lessened given its withdrawal by Leeds University.

AP – John L to write a letter to the university vice chancellor and also one to the Wetherby news complementing the University on its integrity.

Also a communication (bullet points?) to be featured on posters and in the Parish magazine is to be produced.

8. AOB
John T expressed concern that planning regulations within the conservation area are not being adhered to.

AP – To be referred to Bramham PC.

Neil to put the plan on the website.?