Bramham Parish Council – Neighbourhood Plan Steering Committee

Minutes of Meeting – Thursday 3 April 2014

        Cllr Keith Innocent, Cllr Val Whitbread,  Dean Burdall,  John Whitbread, John Lynch, Neil Ferres.

Ian Mackay LCC

APOLOGIES: John Tritchler, Stuart Moore

Dean provided a draft questionnaire that he had put together.

1. Advice from Ian Mackay:

Questionnaire – quoted the example of Seacroft, focusing on asking residents what they like, what they would like to change, and requesting involvement.

Vision statement – advised that we should have enough feedback to support the vision statement.

Use evidence of our activities – engagement with residents (events /doordrops etc), meetings (minutes/agendas) – pull together an audit trail of what we have done so far.

AP – Val to draft audit trail of NP Committee’s activities.

AP – Keith to consult with businesses (Bowcliffe / Bramham Park / Garage) about how they can be involved.

Questionnaire should be ‘topped & tailed’ – also include an intro and summary – also add a section for ‘anything else to add?’

Produce a covering letter – manage expectations regarding neighbourhood plan.

AP – Dean to revise draft questionnaire

Consider how to reach younger people.

AP – Keith to consider young persons’ champion (talk to Fiona Henderson for ideas).

Site allocations – a draft site allocations plan is expected in the Autumn

2. Next Meeting:

Thursday 1 May – venue tbc