Bramham Parish Council – Neighbourhood Plan Steering Committee

Minutes of Meeting – Thursday 3 September 2015

PRESENT:        John Lynch (Chair), Neil Ferres, Val Whitbread,  Paul Marshall,  Linda Richards, John Whitbread,  John Tritschler, Stuart Moore

1. Apologies: Dean Burdall.

2. Notes of previous meeting.
Amend to show that the reason for Bramham not receiving CIL from the proposed development at Headley is that because the Headley development would have its own significant infrastructure responsibilities.

3. Secretary role – Val asked if anyone else would be prepared to take on the role of secretary. No-one volunteered. John W suggested rotating minute taking.

4. Neighbourhood Plan
Neil has set up Trello- a free online method of being able to exchange views and track comments on documents. It is easier than review by email. All members of the group need to be invited and sign up.

AP – It was agreed that Neil would set up a facebook page.

AP – John L to supply dates of future meetings to John Hall and invite him – to discuss NP progress.

5. Almshouse Hill site
The Parish Council is writing to the owner to try to find out future intentions. Depending on the outcome we can consider any future action.

6. Headley

Battlefield Trust: Neil is in contact with the Battlefield Trust group. The Battle of Bramham Moor is currently clashed as a ‘skirmish’, but further evidence could result in it being re-graded as a battle and entitled to further protection.

CPRE: CPRE visited the Headley site. They agreed that the method of providing the necessary infrastructure is not there, and thought that the development would not therefore not be feasible.


It was agreed that we need to highlight the current situation with residents. Publicise the series of exhibitions that are planned (22 Sept Civic Hall, 19 October Wetherby, 23 October Garforth).

AP: John L to produce a communication – can be used in Parish Magazine, on posters, in shop, village hall, facebook. Key message to be decided once we have seen the exhibition.

Stuart suggested contacting other stakeholders – eg other PCs / Tadcaster , and also the media to try to publicise the situation.
AP: Stuart to contact Look North.

7. Solar Farm
Still pending consideration – might go before panel 1 October.

9. AOB
Val advised that she had been asked to write to Mr Shelbrook regarding his comments in a letter to a resident implying that opposition to the Headley development is party political.

Next Meeting:  Thursday 1 October 2015