Bramham Parish Council – Neighbourhood Plan Steering Committee

Minutes of Meeting – Monday 5 August 2013

    Cllr Keith Innocent (Chair), Cllr Val Whitbread (Secretary), Cllr Martin Batt,  John Whitbread, Dean Burdall, John Lynch, Neil Ferres.

Responses to doordrop regarding LCC SHLAA consultation

The Committee agreed that whilst the number of responses received had been disappointing, the majority of the responses were firmly against the proposed Headley development, and that we should therefore, as a group, oppose the development.

The following steps were agreed:

Prepare a statement for the Parish Council outlining the reasons for opposition, to be put to the Council at the September meeting. (AP Val)
After the Council meeting, inform the Village (via magazine and website) of the stance being taken to give residents the opportunity to give us their views on the stance.
Contact Tadcaster Town Council to see if they had any views (AP Keith).
Do a more in depth analysis of responses (AP Val)

Neighbourhood Plan questionnaire

It was agreed that given the uncertainty over Leeds Core Strategy we should defer the questionnaire launch event planned for early October.

Next Meeting
It was agreed to invite the public, and Ian Mackay (LCC Planning) to the next meeting, and therefore to book the supper room.

Supper Room booked Thursday 3 October 7.30.