Bramham Parish Council – Neighbourhood Plan Steering Committee
Minutes of Meeting -Wednesday 8th February 2012

Cllr Keith Innocent, Cllr Val Whitbread, Cllr Martin Batt, Cllr Bob Gibson, Nick Lane Fox, Iris Smith, Paul Smith, Neil Ferres, Ian Mitchell, John Lynch, John Whitbread.

1. Present and Introductions

No apologies for absence.

2. Minutes of last meeting

Minutes were accepted.

3. Matters arising from minutes

It was noted that the previously planned date of 31 March for the Community Conference is to be revised by the Parish Council to allow time for preparation of the Neighbourhood Plan content. A date will be decided at the next Parish Council meeting.

4. Logo choice and website

Logo number 6 from the options issued by Neil Ferres was chosen, with potential variations of font & colour.
AP01 Neil Ferres to issue some variations on logo 6.
Website: It was agreed to ask Neil if we could use the domain name which he has already set up. This can be linked to the Parish Council website.
AP02 Neil Ferres to decide if the website name can be used and then ‘tidy up’ the website domain in preparation for posting information.
AP03 Val Whitbread to investigate the contractual status of the existing Parish Council website.

5. Report from teams

5.1 Community Profile and Sustainability: John Lynch and Martin Batt have produced a paper as a basis for this section of the Neighbourhood Plan. There was some discussion around sites to be proposed for development, with the possibility of there being numerous small sites rather than a few large ones. It was noted that sites proposed will need to be feasible for development and that there will need to be consultation with other Parishes. Proposed sites must be supported by residents.
5.2 Physical Profile: Deferred until next meeting.
5.3 Communication: Logo options produced (see 4 above).

6. Employers and Business

A questionnaire will be issued to local employers to collect information on employees, eg where they are from, and potential future development.

7. Neighbourhood Plan questionnaire

Andrew Birkbeck from the Project Board has sent a draft questionnaire/survey which could be used and it is possible that Rural Action Yorkshire can analyse the results. Comments are to be fed up to the Project Board. The questions must not be leading and must be unambiguous. We will need to tailor the questionnaire to be specific to Bramham.
AP04 – Keith Innocent to issue the draft questionnaire/survey to the group, and all to send comments to Keith, copied to us all, by the end of February.
The ballot on acceptance of the Neighbourhood Plan by residents will include each person on the electoral role.

8. Next Steps

AP05 Keith and Val to produce a ‘process map’ showing the events and actions that residents can expect to see over the coming months, and include this in the March Parish Magazine update.
AP 06 All to send John and Martin comments on their paper (see 5.1 above), so that they can expand it.
We will have the opportunity to comment on the LCC Core Strategy Document as part of the consultation.
AP07 Keith Innocent to put the Core Strategy Document on the agenda for the next meeting.
Keith and Ian will meet re the Physical Profile.
Communications Group to start to consider how to tailor the questionnaire/survey.

Next Meeting

Wednesday 29th February – 7.30pm – Old People’s Shelter.