Bramham Parish Council – Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group

June 8, 2017 DRAFT NOTES

  1. Present: John Whitbread, Val Whitbread, John Tritschler, Paul Marshall, , Neil Ferres, Dean Burdall, Ian Mackay (Leeds CC).
  2. Apologies: Linda Richards, David Gluck (Ruralis), Keith Langley, Lance Porter.
  3. The main focus of the meeting was to discuss with Ian Mackay (Leeds City Council) the Group’s proposed actions in response to informal comments that it had received from Leeds City Council on Version 4 of the draft Plan. To this end David Gluck had prepared a grid containing Leeds CC’s comments and the Groups proposed actions. These notes should be seen in conjunction with that grid. The Group’s proposals were discussed item by item.


Item 1. Ian emphasised the need to include everything that we have done throughout the development of the Plan in the Consultation Statement for example: minutes, materials used, magazine articles, etc. He cited Linton’s Consultation as a good example.

Item 2.  The Group were advised that what we are proposing in the Plan must meet the basic conditions.

Item 3. There is also a need for it to provide evidence other than the feedback from public as justification for its intentions. The Plan should include facts and figures so that it is seen as more than aspirational.

Item 5.  The Plan should not be overly protectionist. It should also seek to deliver intentions. Examiners prefer a balanced approach. The Plan should not just seek to stop things but also to shape and deliver.

Item 6. It is important that the Plan is distinctive to Bramham. Leeds CC will provide an officer for a day to work with us on this aspect if we so desire.

Item 8. Ian was happy with the Group’s proposed response.

Item 9. The period covered by the Plan should ideally be the same as the City Plan. Although there can be some variation.

Item 10. Ian was happy with the Group’s proposed response.

Item 11. Ian was happy with the Group’s proposed response.

Item 12. Ian supported the idea of a business survey as a way of extending our evidence base.

Item 13. Leeds CC is able to provide a mapping service for a fee. A map should be provided to illustrate each policy intention for example a map showing all green spaces.


HOU1. We need to be clear why we chose this figure (10).

H2. The Plan could also seek to reinforce the Conservation Area by identifying any specific features within it that we regard as important and identify others outside of the Conservation Area.

TREES. Only Tree Preservation Orders can effectively protect them but by mentioning them in the Plan we could provide extra support.


Each Policy should contribute to fulfilling the vision.

Overall Ian would encourage the Group to” take risks with policies covering grey areas”.

It is not necessary to designate as Green Space areas that are already in the Green Belt.

The owner must be consulted when features are to be designated.

The group should feel free to ask Leeds CC for support.

NOTE: Where items are not mentioned the Group’s response was considered appropriate.

Due to time constraints the rest of the agenda was suspended until the next meeting.