Bramham Parish Council – Neighbourhood Plan Steering Committee

Minutes of Meeting – Thursday 9 January 2013

        Cllr Keith Innocent, Cllr Val Whitbread,  Neil Ferres,  Dean Burdall, John Tritschler, John Whitbread, John Lynch, Stuart Moore.

1. Present and Introductions

Apologies from Nick Lane Fox.

2. Matters Arising

February Event (4pm to 7pm Friday 7th, 11.30 to 13.30 Saturday 8th):

Equipment needed:

Post-its – 3 colours if possible for residents to post likes & dislikes on vision statement displays.

Flyers giving NP background & vision statement.


7 folders for post its from each display

Paper for collection of names/addresses/postcode/age range.

Paper for collection of expression of interest.

Invitations to be sent to Businesses (garage/B Park/Bowcliffe/shop/surgery/hairdressers/brook babes.

Neil & Keith to sort out displays.

Val to check when can store in village hall.


Availability to attend:
Fr eve: Dean, Keith, John T, John W John L, Val
Sat: Stuart, Keith (later part), John T, John W, John L, Val

3. Next Meeting:

Thursday 13 February – Top Pub side room if available, if not the Senior Citizens’ Centre.
Aim will be to plan for the questionnaire and referendum based on analysis of feedback from the February event.