Bramham Parish Council – Neighbourhood Plan Steering Committee

Minutes of Meeting – Tuesday 9 August 2016

1. Present:  Paul Marshall, John Whitbread, John Tritschler, Neil Ferres, Linda Richards, Val Whitbread, Keith Langley (Clerk to BPC), Helena Buck.

2. Apologies: Dean Burdall, David Gluck (Ruralis)

3. “Wright Design” (item 4.1.2) should read “Write Design” otherwise the notes from the last meeting were accepted.

4.1. Neil has obtained a quote from Write Design of £495 + vat for the printing of the questionnaire (10 pages). The group decided to use Write Design for the printing.

4.2. The group discussed various options for delivery of the questionnaire to parishioners. It was agreed to further explore the possibility of the questionnaire being delivered by the people who deliver the Parish magazine with the August edition of the magazine. If this should prove not to be possible it will fall to members of the group and any other volunteers to deliver it.

AP Linda to investigate the possibility of the questionnaire being delivered with the magazine.

The group also decided to provide Freepost envelopes to facilitate the return of the questionnaire and that this should be mentioned in the return instructions on the questionnaire.

AP Keith to investigate the cost and set up the Freepost address.

4.3. The mention of Bramham PC’S correspondence with regard to the Mill Pond in the minutes of Clifford PC’s last meeting was noted.

4.4. The group accepted the final draft of the Project Plan Article.

AP John Tritschler to produce two posters; one to publicise the Questionnaire to raise awareness and one to encourage households to return the questionnaire.

4.4 (continued).

It was decided to put on 5 Open Sessions in order to support parishioners in completing the questionnaire. These will take place between 9-30am and 11-30 am on Saturday the 3rd of September, Saturday 17th  September and Saturday 24th September at the Pavilion and in the evening between 6pm and 7pm on Thursday 8th September and Thursday 22nd September at the Senior Citizens Shelter.

A rota was drawn up to staff these events:

03-09-16. V Whitbread and J Whitbread – Pavilion

08-09-16. L Richards and P Marshall – Shelter

17-09-16. D Burdall and John Tritschler – Pavilion

22-09-16. L Richards and P Marshall – Shelter

24-09-16. D Burdall and Keith Langley – Pavilion.

Agenda items 4.4 and 5 were carried forward to the next meeting.

6. AOB

Keith and Neil have met to discuss an Awards for All application for finance to upgrade the Neighbourhood Plan website.

AP Members are to let Neil know of any IT needs in order that they can be included in the application.

AP Neil to decide what resources are needed in order to complete the upgrade.

Keith drew attention to correspondence concerning Parish boundary changes affecting the scope of the Neighbourhood Plan.


    1. THURSDAY, 15 SEPTEMBER, 2016, 7-30pm. Venue to be confirmed.