Bramham Parish Council – Neighbourhood Plan Steering Committee

Minutes of Meeting – Thursday 10 March 2016

1.Present:  Paul Marshall, John Whitbread, Linda Richards, Neil Ferres, & Val Whitbread.

2. Apologies: Dean Burdall

3. The notes from the previous meeting were agreed to be accurate.

4. Matters arising: AP – VW and NF to liaise in order to bring the minutes up to date on the web site.

5. The bulk of the meeting was spent reviewing the new version of the draft questionnaire. As a result of the deliberations the following actions were agreed:

– the covering letter to be edit by VW

– QUESTION 11. AP – JW to confirm which sites are still in Leeds City Council’s site allocation plan.

-QUESTIONS 16 & 17. AP – all members to consider if any group has been omitted from the list.

-QUESTION 21. Mill Pond, long distance views, wildlife habitats and signed heritage trail to be added to list.

-QUESTION 23. Title of section to be changed to “Heritage and Village Assets”. Allotments, Senior Citizens’ Shelter, the Pavilion and Children’s Play Area to be added to the list.

-QUESTION 25. Introduction to be changed to “if any extra money becomes available to the Parish what would you like them spending on?”

5. Funding. The possibility of obtaining funding for the printing of the questionnaire and other expenses is to be explored simultaneously with both Leeds City Council and Bramham Parish Council.

6. APs – NF to start to format the questionnaire for printing. AP – JW to investigate the cost of Freepost and PO Box.

7. Next meeting: Thursday, 07-04-16 at The Swan. 7-30pm.