Bramham Parish Council – Neighbourhood Plan Steering Committee

Minutes of Meeting – Thursday 14 January 2016

Present:  John Whitbread, Paul Marshall, John Tritschler, Neil Ferres, Dean Burdall & Val Whitbread.
1. Apologies:

2. The notes from the previous meeting were agreed to be accurate.

3. Matters arising: These were dealt with in the main agenda of the meeting.

4. Paul Marshall was unanimously elected as the new chair.

5. The group decided that we should follow Ian Mackay’s advice at the last meeting and develop the plan from a list of policy intentions. It was decided that we already had our policy intentions in the form of our Vision Statement and that we would develop the questionnaire to go out to the parish based on the Vision Statement and the draft questionnaire that Dene had already prepared.

6. The group then reviewed the draft questionnaire and suggested improvements which Dean agreed to make for the next meeting.

7. There was a discussion about the logistics of delivering the questionnaire to households and collecting them. It was agreed to deliver one questionnaire to each household whilst making it clear that it was acceptable for it to be copied if more than one person wanted to offer their views. With regard to collection, the possibility of enclosing Freepost envelopes to supplement the usual box in the shop will be explored.

8. It was decided to review the vision statement. This resulted in this amended draft version:
Bramham Neighbourhood Planning Group – Vision Statement:

A community conserving its heritage whilst promoting a safe, family focused and invigorating environment for future growth and quality of life.

•         Housing – Responding to the housing needs of our communities through sympathetic development, promoting the availability of a mix of dwellings accessible to all.

•         Transport – Ensuring an adequate and safe network of access for pedestrians, cyclists, motorists and horse riders throughout the parish and to the neighbouring villages and towns.

•         Environment – Protecting all aspects of the parish’s natural environment whilst maintaining the separation between villages.

•         Heritage – Retaining and enhancing the historic character and appeal of the existing conservation area and unique assets of the parish.

•         Sports, Leisure & Recreation – Supporting and expanding facilities to enable all to enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

•         Village Assets – to protect and develop valuable village assets.