Bramham Parish Council – Neighbourhood Plan Steering Committee

Minutes of Meeting – Thursday September 15 2016

1. Present: Paul Marshall, Dean Burdall, David Gluck (Ruralis), John Tritschler, Neil

Ferres and Keith Langley (Clerk to BPC).

2. Apologies: Linda Richards, John Whitbread and Val Whitbread

3. Minutes: The previous minutes were agreed

4. Matters arising

4.1. Freepost address: This has now been set up and questionnaires are being


4.2. Posters: These have now been done.

4.3. Open Sessions:

Linda and Paul covered the first of the Open Sessions at the Senior Citizen’s

Shelter. There was one visitor. A query was raised regarding the status of Farfield

House. David will e-mail a full list of all Grade II listed buildings in the parish to Keith.

4.4 Members IT needs?

Neil has not had any feedback to his request for members of the group to e-mail him

their IT needs. David suggested a Survey Monkey license which costs £300 a year

and is a useful tool for consultations. It can be also used to input data and churn


The Parish Council had queried the suggestion to apply to Awards for All for a grant

towards the NP website wanting a bit more detail about how the figure had been

arrived at. Neil has produced costings for the website. David reported that Awards

for All is an annual grant so any application would impact on future Parish Council

applications for other things until next March. Multiple applications can be considered

as long as the £10K limit is not exceeded. Grant funding may cover the cost of

getting a professional designer if NP Steering Committee members are not confident

of maintaining the NP website themselves.

4.5 NP Boundary Changes.

David expressed concern on reading the notes of the last meeting that Bramham has

ceded part of its parish to Boston Spa. He made the meeting aware that this would

mean any precept monies on properties in the affected area would now go to Boston

Spa (and also any Community Infrastructure Levy).

5.0 Questionnaires.

There has been positive feedback regarding the professional appearance of the

questionnaires. There has been comment on the wording of one of the questions.

Some questionnaires will be taken to the pavilion. There was discussion about the

prize draw.

Draft Copy228/09/2016

6.0 Project Plan report

David will e-mail the project plan as a .pdf document and this will be posted on the

NP website

The question of whether properties on Bramham Park estate were sent

questionnaires was raised. Neil will ask Anne Palmer (Church Magazine) about all

properties which are in the parish but not in the actual village. Gill Lawson does the

posting of the magazine.

There have been several offers of help and the Steering Committee will consider

how best to get more people involved.

David reported that the Housing Needs Survey/Market Assessment is well underway

(this survey being informed by some of the questions asked on the questionnaire).

David will provide this as a .pdf.

The need for photographs was noted.

6. Any Other Business



Tuesday, 18 October, 2016, 7:30pm.