Bramham Parish Council – Neighbourhood Plan Steering Committee

Minutes of Meeting – Thursday 18 February 2016

Present:  John Whitbread, Paul Marshall, John Tritschler, Neil Ferres, Dean Burdall & Val Whitbread.

1. Apologies: Linda Richards

2. The notes from the previous meeting were agreed to be accurate.

3. Matters arising: There is no further news about Becca Hall’s position as a possible site for housing and the position regarding the possibility of an appeal against Leeds City Council’s rejection of the planning application for the solar farm on Parardise Farm is still unclear.

4. The bulk of the meeting was spent reviewing the new version of the draft questionnaire. The result of these deliberations has already been circulated.

5. Funding. The possibility of obtaining funding for the printing of the questionnaire is to be explored. Both Leeds City Council and Bramham Parish Council are possible sources.

6. The chair commented on the minutes on the website.

7. Next meeting: Thursday, 10-03-16 at The Swan.