Bramham Parish Council – Neighbourhood Plan Steering Committee
Minutes of Meeting – Thursday October 18 2016
1. Present: Paul Marshall, John Whitbread, Neil Ferres, Dean Burdall, David
Gluck (Ruralis) , Fiona Vicary.2. Apologies: Linda Richards, Val Whitbread, Keith Langley, John Tritschler.
3. The notes from the last meeting were accepted.4.1. David provided a list of the Grade II listed buildings in the Parish. It was
agreed that photographs should be taken all of the Parishs assets including
both the built and the natural environment.

4.2. Uptake of the opportunity provided by the Open Sessions was very low.
However, the group agreed that it was important that they were offered.

4.3. The Parish Council approved the application for a grant for the IT as
requested by Neil, Keith will be progressing it.

4.4. It was decided to use Trello to help with project management and
Nextdoor for internal communication and to review their use at a future
meeting. Neil offered to provide support for anyone requiring it.

5. The response to the questionnaire has been very encouraging. 304
questionnaires were returned, of which around 150 were delivered using the
Freepost option.
Fiona explained that an initial analysis had been carried out using Survey
Monkey and provided the group with some examples of the result. However,
there is a need for further analysis to refine the results.

It was decided that the results should be made available via the web site and
by other means both digital and non-electronic in order to ensure more
complete coverage.

AP Paul to do an article for the Parish magazine.
AP David and Fiona to produce a summary to be circulated in the Parish.

5 .
The analysis of the questionnaire will feed into our policy intentions which will
inform the Neighbourhood Plan.
The people who have offered, via the questionnaire, to help with creating the
Neighbourhood Plan will be contacted and thanked for their offer. It was
decided that it would be better to meet with these volunteers once we have a
better awareness of our way forward and of the tasks that need to be
completed, possibly at the January meeting. By then we should have an outline
of the Plan.
AP Paul to contact the volunteers most provided email addresses to thank
them for their offer and inform them of the groups intentions. Also to provide
details of our next meeting so that they can become involved in the interim if
they wish.

6. David said that there may be some minor slippage in our timescales but
nothing too concerning.

7. The next stage of development of the Plan is to complete the analysis of the
questionnaire and to develop an outline plan from the results and then to
furnish detail to the Plan.

THURSDAY, 17 NOVEMBER, 2016, 7-30pm. Venue to be confirmed.