Bramham Parish Council – Neighbourhood Plan Steering Committee

Minutes of Meeting – Thursday 19 February 2015

PRESENT: John Lynch (Chair), Neil Ferres, Val Whitbread, Paul Marshall, John Whitbread,

Stuart Moore. John Tritschler

1. Apologies: Dean Burdall

2. Notes of previous meeting: accepted.

3. Headley development

JL summarised current position – nothing will emerge until after May.

Overview of information compiled – the following were added:

The issue of the water aquifer supply to Tadcaster brewery.

Classification of grade 2 agricultural land.

Historic buildings – JL also pointed out that the setting is important – can’t just build round them.

Archeological issues.

NG powerlines (not a given that can’t build under them but a valid issue).

Pressure on schools and travel implications.

4. Case against Headley : It was agreed to put JL’s full note on the website and produce a leaflet with the headlines.

SM and NF to work on the leaflet. Aim is to issue it by the end of March.

5. Solar power farm

The group agreed that despite being in favour of renewable energy a solar farm on this site is not appropriate for the following reason:

It is green belt land / good farm land could be degraded / impact on paradise farm/potential link to Headley development.

6. AOB – None

Next Meeting: Tuesday 24 March venue tbc