Bramham Parish Council – Neighbourhood Plan Steering Committee

Minutes of Meeting – Tuesday 19 July 2016

1.Present:  Paul Marshall, John Whitbread, John Tritschler , Neil Ferres, & Val Whitbread, David Gluck (Ruralis), Keith Langley (Clerk to BPC), Dean Burdall.

2. Apologies: Linda Richards.

3. The notes from the last meeting were accepted.

4.1.1. David Gluck explained that the different charges for the consultation fees were largely due to the size of the group and the personnel involved. David talked the group through the bid which does not include the cost of upgrading the website.

4.1.2. Keith Langley has already obtained an estimate of printing costs of the survey from one company.

AP.  Neil to obtain a quote from Wright Design in Wetherby.

4.1.3. An “Awards for All” grant application to be made for updating of the existing website and any further costs. Neil Ferres indicated that he would like to be “hands on” with the website upgrade.

4.2. The final draft of the Survey is nearly complete. It was agreed that there ia need to review the housing sites and investigate the possibility of including a map.

4.3. We are still awaiting information from Clifford with regard to the Mill Pond. Their PC meeting is this week.

5. The discussion of grants had already been covered in David’s overview earlier in the agenda.

6. David distributed copies of the Project Plan and spoke to it. It is to be a working document on which David will report back on a monthly basis. If possible the timeframe will tie in with Leeds CC timetable. The Project Plan will be made public on the website and Facebook page. Hard copies will also be made available. A need to publicise the Survey prior to its distribution in September was identified. Several ways of achieving this were discussed including posters, flyers and through the local press.

7. David informed the group that the initial grant is now available and that we are now in a position to move forward. The group agreed to David’s Project Plan and to proceed with Ruralis acting as consultants. David is to submit a formal quote.

8. There was no other business.


TUESDAY, 9 AUGUST, 2016, 7-30pm.  The Swan (“Top Pub”).

    THURSDAY, 15 SEPTEMBER, 2016, 7-30pm. Venue to be confirmed.