Bramham Parish Council – Neighbourhood Plan Steering Committee
Minutes of Meeting – Saturday 21 January 2012

Cllr Keith Innocent, Cllr Val Whitbread, Cllr Martin Batt, Iris Smith, Paul Smith, Neil Ferres, Ian Mitchell, Colin Pool, John Lynch, John Whitbread..


Apologies for absence received by Cllr Bob Gibson and Alison Henson (clerk to the Parish Council).

2. Election of officials

The following positions were agreed:
Keith Innocent – Chairman
Martin Batt – Vice Chairman
Val Whitbread – Secretary (NB: Possibly to be covered in the future by Alison Henson)

3. Summary

Keith Innocent summarised the aim of the Steering Group, ie to produce a Neighbourhood Plan in consultation with Bramham residents.
The Steering Group Terms of Reference were distributed.
The Steering Group is responsible to the Parish Council.

Neighbourhood Plan

Whilst there is no set template it is envisaged that the NP will consist of 4 main areas:

• Community Profile

• Physical Profile

• Communications

• Sustainability

The NP will need to tie in with the LCC Local development Framework (LDF).
It was agreed that a Bramham Neighbourhood Plan logo is needed.
AP 01 – Neil Ferres to issue a suggested logo (by email).
It was agreed to use email as a means of communication amongst the Steering Group.
It was agreed that the 2005 Parish Plan could be used as a base for the Community Profile.
It was also noted that the Conservation Area Report will need to be taken into account (available on LCC website).
AP02 – Neil Ferres to issue a copy of the Parish Plan in an easily readable format.
Potential Housing Development
Strategic Housing Land availability assessment (SHLAA).
Each Local Authority is required to have a SHLAA. The LCC SHLAA has identified potential sites for development in Bramham as:

• Woodyard

• Bramham House

• Bramham Lodge

• Land behind Lyndon Road

• Spen Common Lane

We do not have to identify these same sites as areas we would find acceptable for development, we can nominate others.
Colin Pool suggested that University Farms Hedley could be a possible site.
AP – Keith Innocent to investigate the situation of Hedley regarding its sale.
We should also identify what development we would like to see on sites, eg affordable housing.
We will also identify areas / facilities that we wish to protect –eg shop / playing field / pubs/ Village Hall.
John Lynch suggested that we can also consider inclusion of  innovative ideas such as potential alternative energy sources.
All proposals we include in the NP will have to be justified and backed up by evidence.


We will have to do a referendum on the NP and it needs to have the support of 51% of those who vote.
We need to consider how we put together a questionnaire, and how it is completed (eg – will there be one per person who is eligible to vote / one per household). We also must consider assistance for anyone with disabilities if this is needed.
We agreed that a Briefing Document is needed, including a Glossary of terms.
AP – Martin Batt / John Lynch to produce a Briefing Document.
We agreed to include an update in each month’s Parish Magazine (separate from the Parish Council update) starting with the March magazine.
We need to be ready to cover the NP at the planned Community Conference 31 March.

Allocation of roles

We agreed to allocate lead responsibility for the 4 areas of the plan as follows:

Community Profile & Sustainability– Martin Batt / John Lynch
Physical Profile – Keith Innocent / Ian Mitchell
Communications – Val Whitbread / Neil Ferres / John Whitbread.

Action Points – All APs to be actioned by next meeting.

Next Meeting

Tuesday 7th February – 7.30 Supper Room of Village Hall