Bramham Parish Council – Neighbourhood Plan Steering Committee

Minutes of Meeting – Thursday 21 May 2015

PRESENT: John Lynch (Chair), Neil Ferres, Val Whitbread, Paul Marshall, Linda Richards,

John Whitbread,

1. Apologies: Dean Burdall , Stuart Moore, John Tritschler.

JL welcomed Linda to the Group.

2. Notes of previous meeting.

Matters arising: JL still in process of contacting CPRE.

3. LCC Dev Plan Panel:

JL advised that LCC Officers are saying that Office of National Statistics reduced projections for

housing needs are only one factor so sticking with the 70k target for the area. Headley will be

included in the sites going forward for consideration.

There will be a further report to the panel in June, a recommendation to the Executive Board in

July, and consultation in the Autumn.

It was agreed that we should liaise with other anti-Headley groups.

4) Wetherby News: It was agreed that JL would draft a letter to include broader issues.

5) Neighbourhood Plan

It was agreed that we should make a start on a structure for our Neighbourhood Plan so that we

have a basis on which to develop at the appropriate time rather than be starting from scratch. It

was also agreed that the NP need not be a lengthy document devoting a lot of content to history

and a description of how the Parish currently is.

AP: Paul Marshall to look at a possible structure based on the Vision.

AP: All – to give Paul any thoughts on sub headings.

6. AOB – None

Next Meeting: Thursday 18 June