Bramham Parish Council – Neighbourhood Plan Steering Committee

Minutes of Meeting – Thursday 21 August 2014

Present:-    Dean Burdall, Neil Ferres, Stuart Moore, John Tritschler, John Lynch.    Apologies:-            Paul Marshall, John Whitbread, Val Whitbread, Nick Lane-Fox

1 .Notes of July 24th meeting

Agreed as correct record, subject to alteration: – Feeney in pace of Veeney in item 1.
Actions (other than items on this agenda): Contact with local businesses / employers still outstanding.

2. Report to Parish Council, September
Circulated draft was agreed, subject to inclusion of Village Hall in para 1.5. (but see next item, below)

3. Headley Fields
i)  Feedback from JL meeting with David Feeney at LCC noted, in particular confirmation of Local Plan timetable: – Core Strategy adoption late 2014, then publication of Site Allocations  for formal consultation, with likelihood of EIP in early/mid 2015.

ii)  Val Whitbread’s proposals for publicity were welcomed and accepted as a suitable basis for further action at the appropriate time, recognising the importance of wider public support for any campaign against the site. It was agreed that publicity / communication re HF would not be launched by NP Group until / unless its proposed allocation confirmed. However, it was noted that individual members would take opportunities to raise awareness / highlight issues through their own informal networks/ contacts as appropriate, to prepare for the possible inclusion of HF as an allocation.

iii) Following discussion, it was confirmed by all present that an objection in principle to HF, on grounds relating to sustainability, should be maintained and that this should be declared in any communications with local residents. It was further agreed that the report to PC (see above) should be revised to reinforce this. JL was asked to circulate further draft accordingly.
iv It was agreed that an update meeting should be arranged with current residents of Headley, as soon as practicable.

4. Any other business
Neil Ferres reported further development of web-site and invited all members to visit. Discussion on need to update NP Group membership. Agreement to include individual phone contacts only, subject to views of absent colleagues.
5. Next meeting

Agreed Thursday September 25th (apologies in advance from JT)                                       JL