Bramham Parish Council – Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group

February 22, 2018

1. Present: John Whitbread, Val Whitbread, Paul Marshall, Neil Ferres, David Gluck (Ruralis), Keith Langley, Dean Burdall, John Trischler.

2. Apologies: Linda Richards, Lance Porter.

3. The minutes of the last meeting were accepted as accurate.

4. There were no matters arising.

5. The responses to the survey were discussed. There had been 166 responses from parishioners and all responses and comments have been entered on Survey Monkey and been analysed. All of the policies had received strong support. The least supported was the housing policy with 80% of respondents in favour of it.

DG then outlined what the next steps are. All of the comments made will be looked at and a decision made as to whether the points made warrant a change to the Plan.

AP – DG to provide a grid on which to enter this analysis

PM reported that 12 responses to the draft Plan had been received from the stakeholders. Of these half were thanks for the information whilst the other 6 went on to comment further. These 6 were Leeds City Council, Natural England, Historic England, The Highways Agency, York Consortium of Drainage Boards and the National Farmers Union. The comments from these bodies also need to be looked at and a decision made as to whether the comments warrant changes to the Plan.

AP –PM, VW and JW to complete the comment grid.

Some parishioners had taken the effort to make comments beyond the scope of the Survey. The group has also received comments from Wothersome Parish Meeting. These will all be considered and their comments added to the comments grid.

The meeting with Leeds City Council (LCC) to discuss possible changes to the Plan will take place on March 16 with the aim of finalising any changes by the start of April. After that an Examiner will be appointed to examine the Plan. The choice of examiner is the decision of the group.

AP – DG to do the Completion Statement.

AP – The group to do the Consultation Statement. DG will provide an example.

It will be the NP group’s role to publicise the Referendum although it will be organised by LCC.

6. The wording in the plan that expresses support for the development of Bramham House is to be changed to clarify that this support is not for any particular plan for the development of the site but rather of a general desire to see it developed.

7. AOB

DG publicised a visit to Leeds by the Government’s National Champion for Neighbourhood Plans who will talk about the new programme.

8. In order to get the comment grids to DG by March 5 in preparation for the meeting with LCC there will need to be meetings of a sub group. Also the NP group will need to get together after the LCC meeting to discuss the outcome and the way forward.

NEXT MEETING – 29-03-18