Bramham Parish Council – Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group
February 23, 2017
1. Present: John Whitbread, David Gluck (Ruralis), Val Whitbread, John Tritschler, Paul Marshall.
2. Apologies: Keith Langley, Neil Ferres, Linda Richards, Dean Burdall, Lance Porter.
3. The notes from the last meeting were accepted.
4.1. KL and DG have yet to get together to discuss the next stage of the grant funding process. DG estimates that we have sufficient funds to continue to progress the Plan.
AP – KL and DG to meet.

4.2. The process of adding sites that do not already have some protection to the Built Environment list is to continue throughout the consultation.
AP-JT to investigate any sites that might be added.

4.3. DG reported that the draft Landscape Assessment is 90% complete.
AP – DG to complete.
5. 32 people attended. Fiona Vicary has produced a summary of the comments made by parishioners. Their possible influence on the Plan will be discussed at an interim meeting on 27-02-17. Responses to comments will be drafted.
6. DG explained outlined the Plan’s current status and the way forward.
It is hoped that the Draft Plan will be submitted to Leeds CC for informal feedback in three weeks’ time and that we will be able to discuss that feedback at the April meeting.
AP-PM to write to Ian Mackay explaining our intentions and inviting someone from Leeds CC to attend a future meeting at which version 3 of the Draft Plan will be the main agenda item.
The next 2 meetings are to be used to look at the draft Plan. The Parish Council will be informed of the current state of the development of the Plan. They now need to start to consider how best to implement it over the next 10 years and to build in a robust regular review process.
The Plan is on schedule to be completed on target.
7. There was no other business.
TUESDAY, 27 February, 2017, 2-00pm. Interim meeting to discuss the feedback from the consultation. Venue to be confirmed.
THURSDAY, 23 March, 2017, 7-30pm. Venue to be confirmed.
THURSDAY, 27 April, 2017, 7-30pm. Venue to be confirmed.