Bramham Parish Council – Neighbourhood Plan Steering Committee

Minutes of Meeting – Monday 23 June 2014

PRESENT:        Dean Burdall,  John Whitbread, Neil Ferres, John Tritchler, Stuart Moore, Paul Marshall, Val Whitbread, John Lynch
APOLOGIES:  Cllr Keith Innocent

  1. Following Keith’s resignation the Committee agreed that John Lynch would take on the role of Chair.
  1. The Committee extended its thanks and appreciation to Keith Innocent for carrying out the role of Chair and the extensive  hard work outside of meetings, especially in the difficult initial stages.


  1. Dean had met with Rural Action Yorkshire (RAY). They had advised that:
  • they can help with the questionnaire, both pulling it together and analysis of responses;


  • that it should focus on planning issues, not be a community engagement questionnaire;
  • we should make effective use of available resources and target efforts according to priorities; (in particular, possible campaign against Headley development could divert resource and  undermine
  • preparation of the Neighbourhood Plan (NP). Also, as a general principle, any NP founded on opposition to development could be at risk of failing test for “soundness”.

RAY suggested a meeting between the Parish Coucnil, a RAY representative, and LCC.

  1. This prompted discussion about role of group and whether it is necessary to choose between continuing with the NP or opposing Headley scheme.


  1. It was agreed that at this stage, there is no need to make such a choice and that existing role as delegated from the PC should be maintained (ie to work towards developing the NP); whilst seeking to explore the potential of a campaign to oppose the Headley development.
  1. There was discussion regarding how much opposition to the Headley development there actually is in the village, and how much of a mandate there is for opposition given that although the vast majority of responses received were opposed to it, the numbers received were low.


  1. It was noted that:

the efforts to date had been valuable in facilitating greater community engagement, via the main events held in VH under the auspices of the NP, and the doordrops.

proceeding to further formal stages is still dependent upon LCC timetable for its Local Plan, particularly Site Allocations proposals, which would be subject to further public consultation later  in 2014 and that this would bring the  Headley proposal back to public attention.


8.  As a result of this discussion, the following actions were agreed:-

AP – JL A report to be prepared for the September PC meeting; to incorporate an update on LCC Local Plan timetable, a summary  of NP Group’s progress so far and current position, and to seek endorsement in principle for:

  • continuing with development of the NP with the focus on development sites and specifically Headley
  • mounting a campaign against Headley, recognising that this would require a sufficient level of support from Parish residents in order to be effective.


AP – JL – to liaise with LCC officers and prepare draft report for circulation.

It was also noted with appreciation that Neil and Val had met to discuss further improvements to NP website and Neil would be introducing a menu structure.

Potential help from RAY (and other sources) to be noted for future reference.

A regular cycle of meeting dates (3rd Thursday of month) to be adopted, with the next meeting provisionally agreed for 24th July.

AP – JL to liaise with Keith re approaches to local businesses, as previously discussed, and applying for funding.

7. Next Meeting:  Thursday 24 July, venue tbc