Bramham Parish Council – Neighbourhood Plan Steering Committee

Minutes of Meeting – Thursday June 23 2016


1.Present:  Paul Marshall, John Whitbread, John Tritschler , Neil Ferres, & Val Whitbread, David Gluck (Ruralis), Keith Langley (Clerk to BPC).

2. Apologies: Dean Burdall, Linda Richards.

3. David Gluck from Ruralis introduced himself to the group outlining his experience of work with rural communities over the last 15 years and particularly with regard to Neighbourhood Plans (NPs). David lives locally and has/is working with several local parishes on their Plans.

David reassured the group that the work that the group had done so far was valid and that we are near the point where we can issue the questionnaire. In order to finance this we need to apply for funding and in order to do that we need a Project Plan which he was confident can be produced without too much difficulty. Once the responses to the questionnaire have been analysed we should be in a position to produce the first draft of Bramham’s NP. David is confident that he can help us move things forward at a good pace and that we should be able to issue the questionnaire by our target date of early September and then help us progress through the stages through to the final draught for submission.

David and his team are able to support us throughout the process including the grant application, questionnaire analysis, mapping, producing the various documents needed to accompany the Plan when it is submitted, etc. .

David explained that the process is to produce a draft plan, get comments, then re-do and show how comments have been addressed. It is then submitted to LCC and from then on management is in the hands of LCC. They manage and pay for the referendum.

The costs attributable to us would be paid for once the funding has been received.

4. Funding – Keith Langley circulated copies of an application form for funding from My Community that he has already nearly completed. Keith explained that in his work with other councils as Clerk he has experience of the application process.

Keith also has obtained some quotes for printing 800 copies of the questionnaire. However these will need to be reviewed given the size, currently 12 pages, of our document.

Funding applications should be made in 6 month stages, so the first would cover the questionnaire distribution and results analysis, the next 6 months would cover production of the plan and consultation.

AP – The group agreed that David and Keith should start moving things forward starting with the funding application and also looking at the questionnaire.

At this point David had to leave.

5. The group were happy that the questionnaire had been covered sufficiently under items 3 and 4 above.

6. It was agreed that the stall at the Gala was no longer needed and should be cancelled.

7. The notes from the previous meeting were agreed to be accurate.

8. Matters arising: The action points from the previous meeting were reviewed and found to have been achieved. The Millpond was discussed under item 9.

9. A discussion about the designation of the Mill Pond as a Green Space by Clifford PC and our subsequent indication that we were in agreement about the designation followed. Discussion largely centred around the process followed by Clifford PC and the claim by the landowner that they had not been consulted. It was resolved to recommend to Bramham Parish Council that our objection to the nomination of the Millpond as a Green Space still stands on the grounds that one of the two owners (who lives in Bramham) has not given her permission.

It was also agreed to contact Clifford PC to clarify that we understood that they had had communication with the owner but also believe that they had not sought her permission before seeking to designate the land as Green Space.

AP – Val Whitbread to report the recommendation to BPC for action.

AP – Parishioner to be kept informed of our actions.

10. Neil Ferres drew the group’s attention to the need to update the Neighbourhood Plan website to make it accessible via all devices. The group agreed that this should be done and that funding for it should be sought through the grant application process. If this is not possible in the first tranche of funding then it should be included in the second application.

NEXT MEETING: TUESDAY, 19 JULY, 2016, 7-30pm.  The Swan (“Top Pub”).