Bramham Parish Council – Neighbourhood Plan Steering Committee

Minutes of Meeting – Thursday 24 October 2013

PRESENT:        Cllr Keith Innocent, Cllr Val Whitbread, Nick Lane Fox, Neil Ferres, Dean Burdall.

Ian Mackay LCC

1. Present and Introductions

Apologies from John Lynch, Martin Batt & John Whitbread.

2. Briefing from Ian Mackay

Headley Hall site didn’t appear in first list of potential development sites, on which Ward Cllrs were briefed over a year ago. It did not fit the Core Strategy (being a large and entirely new development) but after legal advice it was added to the list under its own category.

Ward members were advised early 2013 that it had been added to the list.

It is still subject to feasibility. The University is likely to be responsible for taking forward a feasibility study.

There have been 6,000 representations on the LCC consultation. The data is being input and a report will be produced on the consultation by the end of the year (to go to the Plans Panel).

Our Neighbourhood Plan

It is not necessarily a problem that we have made little progress as LCC are now in a better position to advise & support.

We do not need to wait for the Core Strategy, but should comply with the basic conditions:
General conformity with National Planning Framework & Local framework
Consider equality & human rights
Neighbourhood needs to be sustainable
Identify projects for delivery
Have a vision
Consider cultural sustainability (arts/health/community activities)

The Core Strategy went out for consultation 2012, a Modifications Report will give us an idea of what it is likely to be (around Spring 2014). So Summer / Autumn next year is the critical window.

We should start off with engagement – find out what people like /don’t like about the Parish.
Events with drop in sessions tend to work better than public meetings.
Use maps / aerial photos.

Offer incentives to complete consultation (eg Tatton Hall – gave young people free entry to a rave!) Be creative!

This should feed in to us developing a vision.

Keep evidence of all of our consultation (including last year’s Community Conference, our drop in sessions, door drops, communications),

Ensure we consult with businesses as well as residents.

Ensure we get views from across the Parish – not just one part.

Prepare our NP to cope with the option of with or without Headley – to shape change either way.

25% of CIL will come to Parish Council if we have a NP. Might wish to spend on projects within our parish, and those that link with other parishes (eg cycle paths).

NP should be ‘pro growth’.

Suggests seek advice from Boston Spa – they have done some good work on their NP.

Suggests contacting local landowners – including University – (this does not indicate compliance with Headley)

Can apply for funding after February next year (up to £7k).

Useful info: – has a guidance note / roadmap on NP

3 NPs that have been through examination:

Upper Eden
Thame (good simple Vision – reflected throughout the plan)
Exeter St John (good plain English)

3. Discussion
The group agreed that Ian’s information had been extremely valuable and to follow his advise to carry on producing the NP.

AP – Val to Contact Boston Spa to see if we can learn from them.
AP – Keith to contact University

Next Meeting
Tuesday 12 November, 7.30 pm, Senior Citizens Centre.