Bramham Parish Council – Neighbourhood Plan Steering Committee

Minutes of Meeting – Tuesday 28 February 2012


        Cllr Keith Innocent (Chair), Cllr Val Whitbread (Secretary), Cllr Martin Batt, Nick Lane Fox,  Neil Ferres, Ian Mitchell, John Lynch, John Whitbread.

1. Present and Introductions

No apologies for absence.

2. Minutes of last meeting

Minutes were accepted.

3. Matters arising from minutes

It was agreed that the questionnaire will be distributed to all individuals on the electoral roll as this is the most straightforward way of identifying appropriate people. Input from others (eg 16 to 18 year olds) can be gathered by other means (eg Community Conference).
Keith Innocent is meeting the Project Board Tues 6 March and will feed in comments we have made on the draft generic questionnaire.
The company that we can use for analysis of the questionnaire will be able to do a specific analysis of the Bramham questionnaire.
Martin Batt queried the timing of the questionnaire.
AP1 – Keith Innocent to clarify if the timing of the issue and analysis of the questionnaire has to fit in with other villages.

4. Logo choice and website

Logo: It was agreed that we should use the revised logo number 6 issued by Neil Ferres was chosen.
Website: Martin Batt reported that he had met with potential new suppliers for the Bramham Council website. A new parish Council website could have links to the Neighbourhood Plan website and to any other Village organisations. It could also be more interactive. Proposals are to be put to the Parish Council 7 March. It was agreed to await the decision of the Parish Council website, and the timescales of a new website, before deciding whether or not to do the Neighbourhood Plan one first.

5. Report from teams

5.1 Community Profile and Sustainability: John Lynch will issue a revised paper (draft of this section of the Neighbourhood Plan).
5.2 Physical Profile:
Ian Mitchell has produced maps that can be used to show options for development sites, sites where no development would be wanted, and various necessary services. These can be used for display and consultation at the Community Conference.
We should advise the owners of any land identified as potential sites.
We do not have to go with development sites already identified by SHLAA, but will need to explain why not. We also need to have a view of the number of developments we will have to atke before proposing sites.
AP2 Keith Innocent to ask Project Board for a view on numbers for development.
John Lynch advised that there are some principles used in planning decisions. For example land that is unstable or contaminated cannot be used. Consideration would also be given to affects on nature reserves, and proximity to existing developments.
We also discussed whether such things as broadband provision could be included in the Neighbourhood Plan and agreed to bear this in mind.
5.3 Communications: Covered at 4 above.

6. Survey:   Covered at 3 above.

7. Community Conference

A date for the Community Conference will be set by the Parish Council at the next meeting 7 March.
It was agreed to have informative displays at the conference and to seek input from residents. Displays can include SHLAA development proposals for neighbouring villages to put Bramham in context.
AP3 Keith to investigate display materials (maps etc) available at Blackwells.
AP4 Ian to investigate help with graphics.

8. AOB None.

Next Meeting:  

Monday 12 March – 7.30pm – Old People’s Shelter – to concentrate on displays for the Community Conference. (Andrew Birbeck to be invited)