Bramham Parish Council – Neighbourhood Plan Steering Committee

Minutes of Meeting – Thursday 28 November 2013

PRESENT:        Cllr Keith Innocent, Cllr Val Whitbread,  Neil Ferres,  Dean Burdall, John Tritschler, John Whitbread.


1. Present and Introductions

Apologies from John Lynch, Martin Batt, Nick Lane Fox, and Stuart Moore.

2. Matters Arising

Vision Statement:
The draft prepared by Dean with input from John T & Val was discussed. Some minor amendments were agreed.

AP – Dean to revise vision statement and re-issue it.

February Event:

Boards will be displayed for residents to post ‘post-its’ regarding what they consider to be good / bad about Bramham and their ideas for the future.

AP – Neil to investigate cost of boards.

AP – Neil to design graphics for background on boards.

Vision statements will be handed out. Also there will be hand-outs explaining background to NP and asking for recruits to help.

AP – Keith to draft a recruitment hand-out.

AP – Keith to ask the Parish Council for £500 funding for the event.

3. Next Meeting:

Thursday 9 January – Top Pub side room if available, if not the Senior Citizens’ Centre.