Bramham Parish Council – Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group

August 31, 2017 DRAFT NOTES

  1. Present: John Whitbread, Val Whitbread, Paul Marshall, Neil Ferres, Dean Burdall, John Trischler, Keith Langley, Fiona Vicary.
  2. Apologies: Linda Richards, Lance Porter, David Gluck(Ruralis).
  3. The minutes of the last meeting were accepted as accurate.

Given the importance of item 5 on the agenda it was decided to do the review of Version 7 of the NP before item 4.

  1. The group reviewed the Plan in the light of comments made by members of the group. The following amendments and actions were agreed:

Page 1 – It is to be inserted that the area covered by the Plan, Bramham cum Oglethorpe Parish, will be referred to as Bramham throughout the Plan.

Page 6 – There is an issue regarding the cross referencing to Maps that needs to be corrected.

During this part of the discussion it was highlighted that some of the maps, particularly the ones taken from the Conservation Area document are inaccurate and need to be updated. A new map is needed for the Views section and photographs need to be added (see AP below).

Page 17 – The section concerning the proposals for the improvement of Sports and Leisure facilities (LR2) needs to be developed.


Page 31 – More Roman roads and their routes need to be identified and included.


Page 33 – The section covering the Battle of Bramham Moor is to be edited. More information is to be included about Percy’s Cross and the plans to move it is to be included.


Page 42 – A new more up to date map is to be used for the Key Views. The views on the old map are to be assessed to see if they remain appropriate and new views added.

AP – VW, JW, NF.

Other minor edits were agreed.

4.1 During the discussion about the Consultation Statement it became clear that the Group needed to clarify what the next steps are leading up to the submission of the Plan.

AP – Fiona will provide a document describing the details of the process.

4.2 See 4.1 above.

4.3 The Parish Council is to review the Assets of Community Value at its September meeting.

4.4 PM has written to the University in an attempt to clarify what their intentions are with regard to the land that they own in the south of the Plan area. As yet no response has been received.

This situation needs to be reported in the Plan.

AP – JW to write a brief description of the situation.

4.5 A brief history of the allotments at Tenter Hill on the west side of the A1 is to be included.

AP – VW.

4.6 The identification and naming of Key Views is to be undertaken by VW, JW and NF.

4.7 The A1 noise issue has been referred to the Parish Council.

6 There was no other business.

  1. The next meeting will take place on Thursday, 28 September. Venue to be confirmed.