Bramham Parish Council – Neighbourhood Plan Steering Committee

Minutes of Meeting - Thursday 24 July 2014

PRESENT:        Dean Burdall,  John Whitbread,  John Tritchler, Stuart Moore, Paul Marshall, Val Whitbread, John Lynch

APOLOGIES:  Nick Lane Fox, Neil Ferres


  1. PRESENT: Dean Burdall, John Whitbread, John Tritchler, Stuart Moore, Paul Marshall, Val

    Whitbread, John Lynch

    APOLOGIES: Nick Lane Fox, Neil Ferres

    1. Notes of previous meeting and APs

    Notes accepted as accurate.


     Report for September PC meeting (JL) – ongoing.

     Liaison with LCC for latest position (JL) - John advised that he has arranged a

    meeting with David Veeney – head of LCC Development Planning, and spoken

    with Ian Mackay. He had circulated a note of the current position (included below).

     Liaison with Keith Innocent regarding contact with local businesses & funding (JL)

    – John advised that he has taken the background papers from Keith, liaison with

    local businesses is ongoing.

    2. Current position

     Core strategy: Inspector’s report after reconvened EIP still awaited. Major changes

    to key elements (eg strategic housing total of 70,000 and distribution across

    Housing Market areas) not anticipated.

     Sites Allocations: Cannot proceed formally until Core Strategy adopted. Latest

    published estimate is late 2014 for further consultation, although it may slip to

    early 2015. Formal EIP (before Planning Inspector) estimated to be mid 2015.

    3. Current position re relevant Appeals and Planning Applications.

     Appeal decisions re Boston Spa, Grove Road and key site in West Leeds still

    awaited. Both understood to be significant in terms of validation or otherwise of

    LCC claim that 5 year supply can be identified.

     Decisions on major applications, including following, still awaited:

    Thorp Arch, Spofforth Hill, Collingham, Scholes (x2)

    4. Neighbourhood Plan: – as the LCC timescale for the Core Strategy and site allocation has

    slipped to late 2014/possibly 2015 it was agreed that nugatory work on the NP should not

    be undertaken but that we could in the meantime engage with local businesses/employers.

    AP – JL to contact businesses/employers regarding their involvement in the NP

    5. Headley Fields

    Each member’s view was aired – none supported a large scale development– some felt a

    small development would be acceptable – but others felt sustainability to be a problem

    with a smaller development.

    It was agreed that we need to find a way of engaging residents to both inform them and

    gather their views.

    It was noted that the development at Headley is being ‘pushed’ in other areas (eg Scholes)

    by the Ward Cllr and MP as an answer to housing issues in the region – without any real

    basis in fact and without consultation with Bramham residents. It was also noted that their

    involvement in Headley started before the proposed Headley scheme was made public.

    AP – VW to prepare a draft Communications Plan for discussion at the next meeting.

    AP – JL to engage with other groups (eg Scholes) re Headley issues.

    6, AOB - None

    7. Next Meeting: Thursday 21 August, venue tbc

If you want to know more or feed in any views please talk to any member of the committee.

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