Bramham Parish Council – Neighbourhood Plan Steering Committee

Minutes of Meeting - Tuesday 24 March 2015

    PRESENT: John Lynch (Chair), Neil Ferres, Val Whitbread, Paul Marshall, John Whitbread,

    John Tritschler, Dean Burdall

    1. Apologies: Stuart Moore

    2. Notes of previous meeting: accepted.

    3. Leaflet re Headley: - distribution agreed.

    4. Update on LCC plan: Office of National Statistics figures cast doubt on the amount of housing

    LCC has said it needs, work on interpreting the figures might cause delay to site allocations.

    5. Headley – further actions: Agreed to collect box from shop end of April and assess response

    from leaflets, also flag up with CPRE and other bodies.

    6. APM report: Agreed to provide a report for the APM.

    7. Boundary changes with Boston Spa: Agreed to accept.

    6. AOB – Noted building to commence on Woodyard.

    Next Meeting: Tuesday 28 April

If you want to know more or feed in any views please talk to any member of the committee.

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