We reported recently that we were proposing to issue a questionnaire to all residents of the parish at the beginning of September, for return at the end of September.  I’m pleased to report that we have been able to achieve that aim thanks to the work carried out by members of the Group, together with much and gratefully received assistance and guidance from our consultant David Gluck and also the new Clerk to the Parish Council Keith Langley.

To give you an outline of the work still involved in order to prepare the Neighbourhood Plan now that the questionnaires have been issued, the following is a list of elements which will be carried out before the end of 2016 by members of the group, and by our consultant with informed assistance where necessary from members of the group.

  • Sept/October - Evidence based review of the Questionnaire; Analysis of the Questionnaire results; Vision/Objectives/Issues/Policy Intentions Workshop; Housing Need/Market assessment; Local Green Space assessment.

  • November/December - Character assessment; Landscape assessment; Community Buildings assessment … and first Draft Plan.

Early in the New Year we plan to hold a Community event to enable all residents to play a full part in the preparation of the village Neighbourhood Plan.

Additional work in 2017 will involve the formal process of drafting the final plan, obtaining comments from Leeds City Council and all other statutory bodies, a public consultation process, further amendments as required and, if all goes well, submission of the Plan to Leeds City Council around August/September 2017.

A process of examination by an independent examiner, public consultation and further modification/consultation will then follow, before hopefully entering a public referendum process towards final adoption by Leeds City Council by April 2018.


As we have reported before, this Group currently comprises 5 residents and 2 parish councillors - you can see above that there is much work to do for these volunteers over the next couple of years, so any resident wishing to help in this process will be gratefully welcomed.

Paul Marshall


If you want to know more or feed in any views please talk to any member of the committee.

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