Bramham Parish Council – Neighbourhood Plan Steering Committee

Proposed Development Sites
Dear Resident,

As advised in earlier updates and at the Community Conference, the Neighbourhood Plan Committee are putting together a Neighbourhood plan which will consider the type of housing Bramham needs, as well as other issues such as protected areas in the village, transport, and sustainability.

Part of the Neighbourhood Plan is identifying where future housing development could take place in the village. Leeds City Council has advised us that they have identified the sites shown below as potential housing development over the next 25 years. They have set us a deadline of 3rd October for submitting our views on the sites, ahead of putting together the Neighbourhood Plan. We have highlighted that this gives us very little time to consult with residents but the date is compulsory. We therefore need to gather your views in a very short timescale and thank you in advance for your co-operation in this regard. There is a map of the sites below.
The sites, and potential number of housing units are as follows:-

Site 1155 – Clifford Rd/Lyndon Rd – 269 units
Site 783 – The Woodyard – 18 units
Site 778 – Bramham House – 30 units
Site 3152 – Headley Hall – 9 units
Site 786 – Bramham Lodge – Already developed but part of Leeds City Council’s potential requirement.

Some other potential sites have been identified by residents and we would always welcome the community’s input into this. The plan is to identify where development could happen, but it may not happen for some years. However in the Neighbourhood Plan the community will have a greater say in the type and style of housing that is proposed. We need to know your views on these sites, and any suggested alternative sites.
Your input is very important to us, please let us know your views now rather than wait until decisions are made and it is too late to influence the future of developments here in Bramham.

You can give feedback using the online feedback form , or contact any member of the committee.

Neighbourhood Plan Committee Members are:-
Cllr Keith Innocent (Chair), Cllr Val Whitbread (secretary), Cllr Martin Batt,  Neil Ferres, Nick Lane Fox, John Whitbread, John Lynch, Dean Burdall (a very welcome new member).


Bramham Parish Council – Neighbourhood Plan Steering Committee

Proposed Development Sites – Feedback Form Results


for Reasons Against reasons
1155 Clifford Rd/Lyndon Rd 4 Big enough to cope with housing needs
Adds to viability of shop/school
34 Access/traffic/dangerous traffic/too big for school/ too big/ joins up with Clifford/size changes character of village
783 Woodyard 11 Good for elderly/affordable housing as close to amenities 4
778 Bramham House 9 5 Noise from A1
3152 Headley hall 7 1
786 Bramham Lodge 5 1 Noise from A1


2 people against any development at all

Total responses: 31 paper, 24 online = 55

Alternative sites suggested:

Other side of A1
Prospect Bank / Windmill Rd
More on Bramham Lodge
Field between Aberford Rd & Playing Field
Field opposite Folly Lane

Other comments:

Stone cladding not brick
Need  mixture of housing – affordable housing  for first time buyers/elderly*
Clifforf Rd / Lyndon could be smaller*
Woodyard site should be smoke free
Half built house on Almshouse should be compulsary purchase and made int o a car park.
Concern re loss of ‘Village feel’ also re  joining up with Clifford
Should develope brown field before greenfield sites
If develop 269 units at Clifford Rd/Lyndon will need another playing field/ green space
Access to Clifforf Rd/Lyndon could be via Milnthorpe
Bramham House better as offices
Keep any development at Headley low


If you want to know more or feed in any views please talk to any member of the committee.