Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group

Work on the Plan commenced in December 2011 when the Parish Council created the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group (NPSG), consisting of Parish Councillors and other volunteer residents, to oversee the process of producing the Plan.
Preparation began in January 2012 with the NPSG’s first meeting.

Steering Group members are:-

Cllr Linda Richards – Chair of Parish Council

Paul Marshall – Chair of Steering Group

John Whitbread (Secretary)

Neil Ferres

Cllr Val Whitbread

John Tritschler

Lance Porter

Dean Burdall

Keith Langley (Parish Council Clerk)

David Gluck (Plan Ahead Communities)

Fiona Vicary (Plan Ahead Communities)

Previous members have been Keith Innocent, Nick Lane Fox, John Lynch, Martin Batt, Iris Smith, Paul Smith and Stuart Moore.

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