Deposit Locations
Hard copies of the consultation documents are also available for inspection at the following deposit locations:
The Pavilion Freely Lane  (Saturday mornings only from 6th January 2018, 10.00-11.00am)
Senior Citizens’ Centre – Front Street     (Between 10am and 4pm daily)
All Saints’ Church – Vicarage Lane           (During normal opening hours)
Medical Centre  – Clifford Road                  (During normal opening hours)
Bramham School  – Clifford Road               (By arrangement – contact 01937 843682)
Bramham Village Store and Post Office  – Front Street  (During normal working hours)
The Swan Public House  – Town Hill         (During normal opening hours)
Hard copies can also be viewed by contacting Paul Marshall on 01937 844767 or Val Whitbread on 01937 541075.
In addition, The Parish Council will be holding a public drop-in session on Saturday 10th February 2018 at Bramham Village Hall, from to 1pm.